anything but formulaic.

Innovation starts with an idea. A concept. It’s the act of bringing that idea to life that stymies many technology businesses today. Identifying trustworthy, fresh thinkers or developers can be a true challenge.

But think how great it is when the right person fits the right position. Boom. You’re off.

This is where Kingfish comes in. With over 25 years experience in recruiting and placing talent for technology businesses of all sizes—we bring a personal, responsive approach to recruitment. We’re purposefully a small, nimble firm that creates lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients. This enables us to truly identify their unique position, goals and needs.

Similarly, we hand pick Kingfish talent based on candidate skillset, personality, background and goals. There’s no cookie-cutter formula at Kingfish—we apply a hand-crafted approach to identifying and recruiting our talent. And it works. And has for over two decades.

So how does it work, exactly? This way


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“We take the time to develop a deep understanding of our clients' needs and insight into our candidates' wants. That's how we make the connections that make the difference.”

- Jeff Gilbert, Kingfish Founder & Coach

our approach

Here’s how we see it at Kingfish: no two businesses are exactly the same. Just as no two individuals are exactly alike. Each possess their own unique DNA—background, vision, strengths and spark.

It is capturing that true spark that drives us at Kingfish. Upfront, we strive to identify our client’s businesses culture, strategy and objectives. Their true essence. The same approach applies to candidates.

Our approach is anything but formulaic. We listen. We learn. We individualize. We’re purpose-built to truly wrap around our clients needs to deliver the right person for the jobs at hand.

WE’VE GOT CHOPS. With over two decades of experience in technical recruiting, we’ve learned a few things along the way. We experienced economic downturns; we’ve seen technologies come and go, we’ve seen what works and what hasn’t.
WE THINK BIG. Jeff Gilbert, Kingfish’s founder, brings an MBA from John’s Hopkins, enabling him to understand unique business challenges quickly and accurately. He gets the big picture and understands the importance of the bottom line.
THERE’S ART INVOLVED.Our belief? Recruiting cannot be automated. It’s not only about checking off skillset boxes. To us, it’s about human interaction: character, background, culture, fit. No cookie-cutter approach can capture that.
REALLY? WE’RE GEEKS.We’ve got a technology fetish. We delight in innovation, new technologies, new products. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends and love to brainstorm with our clients about what’s next.
WE KEEP IT REAL.  We take pride in our honest approach at Kingfish. We work hard to be straightforward, clear and honest with our clients. With a mutual trust in place, we’re able to accomplish great things together.

meet the force behind all we do

Jeffrey Gilbert brings a unique confluence of talent to the tech recruiting table. With an MBA from John’s Hopkins, he quickly grasps business strategy on a high level. It is his innate, inner geek that delights in innovation and technology. Having studied psychology at Skidmore, Jeff brings deep understanding of human nature. Now, add to it over 25 years of experience helping large-scale technology business grow and evolve into the future. Roll all this together and what do you have?

A powerful combination of human understanding, business smarts and techno-lust. It is this unique DNA that has powered Kingfish for over 25 years, and has served countless happy clients.

Jeffrey serves as Kingfish’s strategic lead. Over the years, working with clients on a national and global level, he has identified the Kingfish “sweet spot”. By remaining an agile, responsive firm, Jeff is able to hand-pick his clients carefully, wrap around their businesses and maintain a meaningful, productive working relationship. He remains engaged with all candidate hires, client onboarding, strategic decision-making and placements. In other words, when you work with Kingfish, you will be working with Jeff directly, with his staff serving as support along the way.


Robyn Wiesner - Director of Operations

Robyn keeps Kingfish running smoothly. Process, accounting, and business administration is her focus. By working in lockstep with Jeff Gilbert on a daily basis, she powers the operations to Jeff can focus on the big picture. Connect

Jeff Gilbert - Founder & Coach

Kingfish’s visionary and strategic lead who brings a hand-on approach rooted in experience, business acumen and human psychology. Jeff works closely with candidates and clients to foster growth, innovation and progress. Connect

Magdalin Jula - Director of Research

Jula performs research to keep abreast of trends, opportunities and advances for Kingfish. A tireless reader, Jula devours news, reports and feeds to identify and source top talent. Connect

Suchithra Vinoth - Senior Research Associate

Suji is a exceptional researcher and technical sourcing team member.  She has honed  creative and talented skills to identify and evaluate top-tier candidates. Connect