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Brand re-launch!

We’re proud to unveil our new website. We’ve re-engineered the content to better serve our clients and candidates, and have refreshed our brand to better reflect who we are as a company. The new design works to convey our spirit of innovation and optimism–and the content underscores our unique, collaborative approach to recruiting. Our job search function has also been upgraded to enable candidates to more easily browse and apply for positions.

We’re thrilled you’ve arrived. Get to know us!

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Testimonial: Rush McCloy

“Jeff Gilbert and Kingfish not only dug into the needs of the positions we sought, but also took the time to understand our culture before executing a search. During that time, Jeff acted as a partner by advising us on the talent landscape and working hard to find the right fit as it relates to our life cycle.”

Rush McCloy
CEO Eyewitness Surveillance

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Testimonial: Michael Ryan

“We have been working with Kingfish for nearly 10 years. One of the primary differentiators we have found while working with Jeffrey and his organization is that he takes the time to learn about our business, our needs, and our corporate culture.

Jeffrey realizes that employment is more than just a job; it’s a dynamic setting with personalities, energy, and its own ebb and flow. He takes these variables in to consideration when searching for candidates to present to us.

Jeffrey will take time to sit down with us, learn about our specific needs, and will then perform and extensive search for just the right candidate or candidates. I like that Jeffrey does not attempt to carpet bomb us with resumes hoping one will stick. When he brings us a candidate, there’s a very good chance that they will be a great fit for the position.

I also like working with Kingfish Technology because they have learned enough about our company that when they come across a candidate who’s personality and style seems to be a good fit for our culture, Jeffrey will make a call just to see if we are in need of such a candidate… and many times, we find room because of the quality of the candidate.

I would highly recommend Kingfish Technology as a long term recruiting partner for any organization looking to build a highly qualified, committed team for the long haul.”

Michael Ryan
CEO, South River Technologies

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Testimonial: Mel Walker

“I’ve worked with many recruiting organizations over the years, and I would rank Kingfish Technology as one of the most insightful and strategic teams with whom I’ve partnered. Jeff Gilbert effectively challenges our approach, helps us refine our candidate search, and it consistently results in finding the right resources for our team. His vast business experience and grasp of my business challenges have had immeasurable impact, I highly recommend their talent and integrity.”

Mel Walker
Vice President & General Manager Sales and Solution Delivery

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Testimonial: Heather Berry

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Jeff and it was a wonderful experience. He is very experienced, professional and knowledgeable and extremely determined at the same time. I would highly recommend working with Jeff if you are in the market for a new job because not only is he very good at what he does but he will also keep your best interests in mind which helps to make the whole job change process that much smoother.”

Heather Berry
Technical Account Manager at Revitas

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Testimonial: Kevin Easton

“Jeffrey helped me take the next steps in my IT career after moving to Maryland. He introduced me to a number of opportunities available and made sure I found a good fit. Throughout the entire process he was very courteous, accessible, and professional. I would definitely recommend Jeffery to my friends and colleagues.”

Kevin Easton
IT Specialist and Computer Instructor at St. Andrews School

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Testimonial: James Chow

“I had the good fortune of being recruited by Jeffrey for a great new opportunity. Jeffrey showed great insight in understanding both the hiring firm’s needs as well as my skill set and experience in making the match. I wasn’t actively searching for a career change but Jeffrey was able to see a great fit between the firm and myself. Throughout the entire process, Jeffrey was extremely supportive and professional in his advisory and service. I would recommend Jeffrey to any firm who is looking at recruiting for the perfect fit.”

James Chow
MBA Candidate at Schulich School of Business, Systems Engineering Professional

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Testimonial: Gil Gerstl

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff for almost a year now, during which he has proven a most valuable resource in our ability to expand our employee base in the US and Canada. While we were working with several recruiting firms, Jeff has time and again proven himself to be leading the pack with a margin, with his professionalism, creativity, and the quality of candidates he’s been bringing to the table. I am wholeheartedly recommend Jeff for any future recruitment.”

Gil Gerstl
Director of Product Delivery at Fabrix Systems

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